[Applied writing] The Experience, Thinking and Practice of Writings-First Lecture of Practical Writing Held by the College of Arts

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On April 12, the College of Arts hosted the first lecture of applied Writing-The experience, thinking and practice of writings, held in Room 210 of the South Teaching Building. The lecture on applied writing was given by Li Zhengang, Deputy Director of the Teacher Work Department of the Party Committee and a special commentator of the China University of Petroleum Daily, presided by Han Shuqin, Vice Dean of the College of Arts. The attendants included Wang Xuedong, Dean of the College of Arts, Sun Daman and Wei Xuebao, Deputy Dean, Zou Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Shen Zhuangjuan, Director of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature as well as more than 150 students.

Li demonstrated how to cultivate the ability of applied writing in three aspects: writing experience, writing methods and basic requirements on how to write the leader’s speech. He said: “Writing practice will widen our horizon and improve our writing skills.” He also stressed the writing techniques of the leader’s speech as it is an effective tool to express opinions, explain policies, exchange ideas and arrange tasks, serving as an important method for leaders to work. Therefore, a successful one must be profound, thought-provoking, inclusive and powerful. Based on practical cases, Li explained the basic features and general structure so as to tell students how to construct a good leader’s speech, summary report and other written materials. At the end of the lecture, he proposed five basic requirements and hoped students could harvest thoughts, inspiration and achievements. “The speech he delivered is beneficial for us, indicating article structure, writing skills and other aspects.” Gao Luyue, a freshman majoring in English said.

Applied writing lecture is a part of brand activity of general education and a pivot move to serve school’s double first-class building. The lecture can not only help students polish writing basic skills they ignored for a long-term, but also guide them to focus on expressions, communication and logic.

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