[Applied writing] Move Analysis and Writing Strategies of International Journal Paper Abstracts—Second Lecture on Practical Writing by the College of Arts

Publish Time:2019-05-10 Author: Views:20

On April 28th, the second lecture on Applied Writing was held at the South Teaching Building Room 308. The topic of the lecture was the Move Analysis and Writing Strategies of International Journal Paper Abstracts. It was delivered by Wang Xinbo, Vice President of the College of Arts, hosted by Li Yanyun, Director of the Department of English language and Literature, and attended by many teachers and students.

Wang first emphasized the significance of reading and writing English Academic Works in the academic field. He then demonstrated how moves and turns of English abstracts could be analyzed by citing articles in famous international academic journals such as Science and Cell. Besides, Wang underlined the importance of self-built abstract corpora in the extraction of moves, turns and keywords as well as the import of chunk database as backup from a theoretical perspective. By citing examples of students who had published papers in international journals such as Lu Shanshan of UPC, Wang illustrated the move analysis and writing strategies of international journal abstracts. It not only drew students closer with examples around them, but also stimulated their enthusiasm for academia. Summarizing the overall idea of international journal abstract writing, Wang encouraged students to enhance their international vision and academic competence.

The lecture closely combined paper writing with academic research and impressed the audience greatly. Besides enhancing the understanding of academic English, students also learned how to improve their reading and writing proficiency about international journal abstracts.