Multiple Honors and Awards Including “Red Flag Youth League Branch” Were Granted to Teachers and Students of SFS

Publish Time:2022-05-25 Author: Photographer: Translators: Lu Xiaojun, Wang Meng, Li Yingying, Li Jiaqi Proofreader: Lv Pengfei Tutor: Lv Pengfe Views:10

  In 2021, under the strong leadership of UPC Communist Youth League Committee and SFS Party Committee, SFS Communist Youth League Committee based itself on the reality to ensure a long-term and stable development. Centering on UPCs essential work and key tasks and aiming at serving students, SFS Communist Youth League Committee spared no effort in helping the young League members to move forward and making multiple achievements. Recently, SFS teachers and students got several honors and awards in UPCs assessment activities.

Xiang Xinyu, a teacher in SFS, won the award of “Outstanding Youth Worker”. Liu Yuanyuan, another teacher in SFS, won the award of “Outstanding Supervisor of Student Association”. The Youth League Branch for the undergraduate Class 1902 of English major was awarded the honor of “Red Flag Youth League Branch” (only 10 in UPC). Du Bojie, a student from Class 2003 of English Translation Major, was awarded “Outstanding Female Star”. Li Fengyu and 21 other students were awarded “Outstanding Cadre of Communist Youth League”. Liao Fengzhou and 35 other students were awarded “Outstanding Youth League Member”. Many students won the title of “Outstanding Member of Student Association”.

Over the past year, the teachers and students of SFS have yielded excellent results in various fields with concerted efforts. SFS’s proactive efforts in creating innovative atmosphere have paid off: one project won the second prize in the national “Challenging Cup” competition and one gained the first prize in the regional competition of Shandong Province; two projects were invited to join the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Space Program in UPC and won the silver award in the provincial contest of Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. SFS has been actively guiding students to carry forward the spirit of altruistic kindness by encouraging them to participate in voluntary service. In 2021, 53 Practice Teams engaged themselves in their fieldwork in accordance with the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control; one Volunteer Teaching Team was awarded the honor of Excellent Practice Team by the university; one student was serving as a volunteer teacher in Gansu Province in north-west China; two more students were selected as members of the Postgraduate Voluntary Teaching Group; two other students were awarded the honors of Public Welfare Star and “Five-star Volunteer” respectively.

 Looking back, SFS Communist Youth League Committee has actively adhered to the principle of “Think Global, Act Local”. Looking ahead, SFS Communist Youth League Committee will continue to build a platform for the growth of the young students in our university, meeting the needs of Communist Youth League members and giving full play to their advantages in foreign languages.