UPC Approved to Establish Secondary Discipline Doctoral Program of Language Service Engineering and Management

Publish Time:2022-07-03 Author:Author: Liu Shuyan Translators: Li Rongfeng, Gao Mengge, Wang Qi, Wang Le Proofreaders: Ren Yingchun, Yang Jie Tutors: Ren Yingchun, Yang Jie Views:10

On June 25, 2022, Language Service Engineering and Management, a secondary discipline doctoral program of SFS, was approved by and registered in China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center. Enrolling students from 2023, the program is the second “Language Service” secondary discipline doctoral program in China after that of Beijing Language and Culture University.

 It takes 8 months to apply for the secondary discipline doctoral program. Under the guidance of UPC and its graduate school, the doctoral program is finally approved following such application procedures as application material preparation, training program assessment, expert peer review, application material disclosure, examination and voting of UPC academic degree evaluation committee and registration in Ministry of Education. The approval of the secondary discipline doctoral program marks a significant breakthrough in SFSs discipline construction.

 The secondary discipline of Language Service Engineering and Management, affiliated with the primary discipline of Management Science and Engineering, is an interdisciplinary subject integrating Systems Science, Cognitive Science, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Journalism and Communication, Behavioral Science, Mathematics, Technical Science, etc. It aims to study the laws of activities and phenomena related to language service engineering and management. The doctoral program has three research directions:

 The first research direction is language service engineering in international public opinion governance, which mainly includes collaborative governance and database building of international internet public opinion, and public opinion crisis management in great power diplomacy games.

 The second research direction is data engineering and management in emergency language service, which mainly includes multilingual corpus building in emergency language service, multilingual data mining in emergency language service, and multilingual talent database building in emergency language service.

 The third research direction is engineering and management of language health intelligence, which mainly includes language cognitive mechanism and intelligence intervention for special populations, and intelligence assessment and management of language deterioration for special populations.

 The secondary discipline doctoral program of Language Service Engineering and Management has a basic four-year schooling system and three ways of enrollments including application and examination, successive master-doctor program and B.A. to Ph.D. program. In principle, the applicants should have learning or working experience in science and engineering during their bachelor or master years. Outstanding young scholars at home and abroad are welcome to apply for the doctoral program of SFS.